Websites To Be On

I love the internet and I feel that it would be appropriate to help you love the internet too!

Some of these websites have age limits and parental approval is recommended if under the age of 13 even though I am sure that you won't have a problem with these websites!

Tumblr - This website is a photo sharing website. You can follow people and their photos will come up on your dashboard so that you can reblog them!. All a lot of fun, And all you have to do is create a free account.

We Heart It - Another photo sharing website but this time you can get images from any website and "heart" them (just like "liking" them on Facebook)

iPiccy - iPiccy is a photo editing website. You can add effects, crop and go insane with photos. I love this website because it is so easy to use and you always get a good result!

Blogger - This is the website that this blog was created on - Why not make your own! Fun and easy to customize. Add photos, text and videos to a post just like that.

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