Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just another one of the daily posts of cool, crazy and colourful photos. This time I am going to make a statement about each photo. If you have any opinion be sure to make a comment!

I love this picture as it is a great imitation of the real
bottle of perfume without being too perfect.

Everyone needs that one friend that they know
will always be there. 'Till death they will not part.

Retro as and as a added bonus the car is red.
I really like red as it is so bold and outgoing.

I'm really not sure why I like this photo.
I feel that it is simple and not much is going on,
 but it is still so complex as there are so many questions to
 be asked. 

I love this photo. I think that it really captures
 the playfulness on these two friends and
 doesn't look staged like some of the photos
that try to do the same thing.

I love music and dance so this photo I really feel
captures me personally. I also like black and
white photos as they don't have too much
going on and they give room for imagination.

I have a bit of a thing for tree houses. I have always
 wanted to have massive wooden tree house in
 the middle of a large rainforest or high up a big
oak tree, so when I saw this photo I had to include it.

In the moment you just want to let go. Will I fall?

I really like the way that this photo is
 lit only softly because it really highlights the
girls' hair.

At least once is every girl's life they wish that
 they were Barbie.

I love the black and white with just the balloons
 coloured it just looks amazing.

I love this girl's hair scarf. I also like the way
that she is looking into the sunlight.

With your friend by your side, embarrassment is
out of the 

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    Otherwise, you will receive an invoice.

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