Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ok so this weekend is the first weekend of school holidays YAY!
Recently I have found this amazing website iPiccy . It is a no registration photo editor and I find it really easy to use and it's free so bonus. Saying this I have started to edit some photos so they will be mixed in with all of the others from Tumblr mostly and a little bit of We Heart It .
Have fun and don't forget that there are heaps of pages to scroll through.

P.S. all of the photos that I have edited are tagged with stuffthatscool in the bottom right corner.

Can I just say; you have to be really skilled to pull this face off,
and if you do it wrong you look like some retarded duck.

Helz to the yeah. Aries for the win!

She is actually the happiest person that I have ever seen

I edited this one too but I didn't know how to tag photos then!

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